happy birthday to jessica-yeoshin, who always surprises me with her athleticism.

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Happy Birthday to My Princess Jessica ♡ 890418

Happy Birthday Ice Princess ~ 04.18 ~

Happy Birthday Ice Princess!

We all joke about you being lazy all the time, but we also know how hard-working you really are. Though you may seem cold with your sarcasm and jail-sentence-worthy violence, your loving and cute side shows up way too much for us to think of you with anything but endearment. Continue to work hard (and take breaks) because we will always be by your side!


Jessica jung’s birthday - {18-04}  ♡

Happy birthday to our special ice princess!

                             The many (said) adjectives of Jessica Jung Sooyeon.

                        Thank God for letting one of His angel down on this earth.
                                     Thank God for lending us
제시카  정수연.
                                               Thank you for your existence.

                                                        Since 1989 April 18th.

                                                      I We love you, princess.